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At Center for Cosmetic Dentistry Bernard Genet, DDS, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!


"Hello Everyone, What an amazing change. I'm so glad you offered me that option. Thanks so much for making me feel more confident with my smile. Happy holidays."


"In the dental field there are dentist's and there are "Pros". I have been a patient of Dr. Bernard Genet for over 12 years and in my opinion, based on past services, Dr Genet is a "Pro" in all aspects of dentistry. On two occasions I had front teeth, in my jaw, break off at the gum line which he replaced with implants. After 8 years they are stronger than my original teeth and actually enhanced my smile. I'm 84 years of age, maintain regular appointments, and thanks to Dr Genet still maintain my natural teeth."


"We have been patients of Dr Genet since our children were 5 and 3. They are now thirty something. Dr Genet is an extremely thorough dentist. The procedures are not completed until he and you are satisfied. Dr Tom Kohler, has the same theory about his work. They compliment each other."

The Murphy's

"Compassion, Quality, Commitment, Experience,and Convenience, have always been Bernard Genet, DDS marked tradition. These enduring trademarks have kept me as his ardent patient my entire adult life. When you find a dentist with Dr Genet's qualities and credentials, you are not likely to arbitrarily switch. He definitely is a keeper. My smile with my beautiful white healthy teeth is a shinning testimonial to Dr Genet's accomplishments. My search for quality, friendly and affordable dental care was over when I found Bernard Genet, DDS."


"I became a patient of Dr Genet several years ago. I developed an abscessed tooth while visiting my father in New Jersey. I live in Maryland and despite the fact that I had been a patient of my former dentist in Maryland for quite some time; he could not see me for six weeks, even though it was an emergency. In pain I called Dr Genet's office and they saw me the next day. Needless to say, Dr Genet has been our family's dentist ever since. I drive from Maryland to New Jersey and I am happy to do so. He and his staff are that good. Always professional, yet personal. Extremely accommodating in every way. Dr Genet is reasonably priced and will never suggest an unnecessary procedure. He and his staff always take the time to discuss concerns and provide explanations in easily understood terms. Dr Genet is an artist and has archived what I consider a perfect smile for me. They say the eyes are the window to one's soul, but a smile is the threshold to your heart. When you fell self-conscious about your smile, you hide it and the world doesn't see or feel the warm, welcoming happiness a smile can bring. I am glad I found Dr Genet and so happy with my perfect smile. No more pain, cracked teeth, yellow with dark stains and cavities that are a byproduct of loss of enamel from age. I have brilliant white teeth which are shaped and sized to fit me and flatter my facial features just perfectly. I feel so good about myself and this is reflected to the world in my smile. It's sad all dentists are not as talented. Thank you all for my perfect smile."


"I have been to numerous dentists in my lifetime for my dental needs but until I found Dr Genet and his staff, I was never really satisfied. Dr Genet takes a lot of pride in his work. You get the feeling that he wants your teeth and smile to be as beautiful as he would want his own. I once had a crown replaced and when the permanent one came from the labs, Dr Genet felt the color was not a perfect match and arranged to have it done over. With a record of periodontal problems, I have worked with Eileen, the hygienist, for several years. My gums have never been healthier and I'm sure I will be able to keep it that way for many years to come. Thank you again, Dr Genet and staff for a smile I am very proud to show."


Another great experience with Dr. Genet and entire staff. This is the first dentist ever where I do not mind visiting! Never a bad experience and always pain free.

Thank you!


Im terrified of the dentist but got to the point where i couldn't handle the pain any longer. Dr. Genet and his entire staff were amazing at dealing with my fear!! They even called me the following day to check up on me. Highly recommend!.!!


Dr. Genet and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I have never been happier with any other dental office. They make dental visits (usually) something to look forward to. Cannot recommend them enough. Dr. Genet, you can never retire!


Had my tooth pulled.... Did not feel a thing #experience at work#


They are very friendly and care for their customers! I will continue going them. Thank you!


I had recently started to have issues with a newly-sensitive cavity. Thus began the search for a dentist. After going over various internet review sites and other factors, I decided to roll with Dr. Genet.

On the day of my 1st appointment, I was nervous. Even though I'm not usually skittish about doctors or dentist, my 30-year absence from a dentist chair still created (for me) some unexpected jitters. However, once I got there, the clean and calming decor (as well as Pat's bubbly energy & personality) helped put me at ease.

Once in the dentist chair, 4 words: Marie Is A Star ((drops mike)). As for Dr. Genet - wonderful. He has a firm, but kind and friendly disposition. As he worked on my cavity, he explained what he was doing the whole step of the way. And the result (as well as the process) was seamless & painless. I scheduled a cleaning for the next week , and in between that time received a lovely personalized letter from Dr. Genet. That was really sweet! (no pun intended :D )

The cleaning I received from Heather was really strong & thorough. She managed to blast away stains that I couldn't get rid of for the last 3 or 4 years. My teeth were pretty white and bright before, but she helped take them up to another level.

I've since continued to make appointments for fillings, so it's safe to say I found my regular dentist. And I know my review is long, but I hope it helps others trying to find a dentist. That's because you CANNOT go wrong with Dr. Genet or his staff.

Oh, BTW, I've been receiving white fillings if that helps anyone. 


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