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We offer a full range of services. Specifically, we provide both preventive dentistry services as well as cosmetic or restorative dental techniques.

Our preventative dentistry services include teeth cleaning, home care instructions, diet consultation and fluoride treatments to reduce the potential of decay. Our cosmetic procedures encompass orthodontics, white fillings, smile brightening, bonding, veneers, crowns and, if needed, dentures. Our approach is that every treatment needs to be functional and should look great as well. Thus, all our treatment plans are geared with cosmetics in mind.

To help better define the services we offer, a brief description of each one follows:

Whitening or Bleaching: This is a way to lighten your teeth without changing or altering the teeth in any way.

Zoom: This is a procedure where an intense light – no heat – is applied to the top and bottom teeth simultaneously that have been coated with a special solution that is activated by the light. This will whiten the teeth, usually from 7 to 9 shades in about one hour. There is nothing else to do. In a single visit, your teeth are whiter. It is a perfect solution for the person who doesn’t want to deal with trays or strips for six weeks.

There are several methods available to accomplish a whiter, brighter smile. All methods have the ability to achieve similar results, the major difference between the methods is the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired result.

The most common method is the use of strips purchased at the drugstore. This method requires the most time and typically does NOT give the maximum result because the person gets tired of wearing the strips.

The trays made for you from the dental office uses a stronger solution with much better adaptation and usually gives a more desirable result in less time.

The fastest method is an in-office, high concentration solution applied by office staff. This procedure takes about one hour and generally no at-home treatments are necessary. Some patients, however, will use a modified tray that is available in order to give their smile an extra “pop” before a special occasion (such as a wedding) or an important meeting.

Another method is a modified version of the in-store-strip which is also available here. This gives you a pre-made tray that you adapt to your teeth. It is pre-loaded with solution and works better than the strips but not as quickly as the other methods previously mentioned. It is the least expensive but gives noticeable results in a short time.

We’ll be glad to discuss these options with you. Take a look at the before-and-after photos here.

Orthodontics: Yes, you can straighten your teeth without braces! Just clear, convenient comfort - another reason to smile. 

This is called "Invisalign®" which is the process of wearing clear mouthpieces (aligners); which have been made by a computer to move the teeth to a predetermined position.

White Fillings: Instead of having your teeth filled with metal that darkens your teeth and is very unsightly, now you can have fillings done with the same material that is used for cosmetic bonding. It looks and functions like your natural tooth and even contains fluoride, which helps to prevent new decay. It is easy and very attractive. If you need to have a filling, why not have one that looks good?

Cosmetic Bonding: A tooth colored material is adhered to the tooth or teeth to correct color, shaping, size, fractures, malposition, etc. This is a very quick non-invasive procedure that is done in one visit usually without being numb.

Porcelain Veneers and Laminate Veneers: These are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the teeth. Veneers are much stronger than bonding and much more durable. They offer a much greater degree of change because of the increased strength. Also they last much longer than bonding and really make your smile all you ever hoped for! Veneers are usually done in just two visits and are only slightly invasive.

Porcelain Crowns: They are simply a beautiful way to restore teeth! A crown covers the entire tooth making it much stronger and more durable. Crowns replace old or worn fillings, decayed and broken teeth and makes them look like they are perfect. And because the new crowns are ALL porcelain - there is never a dark line at the gum line of an all porcelain crown! Also, the new crowns are very strong (they do not break!)

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